About Me

Software Engineer/Technology blogger looking for challenging problems to solve. My background is in enterprise software development, however, I have an insatiable curiosity for AI ā€“ particularly deep learning ā€“ applications and their potential to change the technology landscape.

Iā€™m writing this blog in the hope to provide some insight into the world of an ever learning and evolving developer.

I Loved to read a novel and listen to music, especially 90’s rap music.

Hubungi Saya

What I do

I Create Static Web Page

I create various static webpage for instantion and personal

I Create System Infromation

I create various system information that run on many platform like desktop, web and android

I Write an Article

I Write an Article about technology and programming tutorial to sharpen my skill and knowlage.

I Made Tutorial on Youtube

I Also have youtube channel that provide a programming tutorial for beginner